SymNAS 1.00

Product Info SymNAS 1.00

You’ve got a Symbian S60 device with WiFi and some space on its memory. What is stopping you from using it as a wireless file server or NAS-drive (Network-Attached Storage) which you can easily plug into any (home, work, friend’s) network to access and manage your phone files directly from a computer using your favorite file browser?

You are right – nothing. You just need SymNAS 1.00. Install it and securely share your phone’s drives and folders content. Access your files from any computer in your network (wirelessly).

SymNAS 1.00 is essentially a self-contained Symbian implementation of the Network-Attached Storage with the sole purpose of supplying file-based data storage services to other devices on the network. SymNAS 1.00 provides the functionality of data storage, file systems, and access to files, and the management of these functionalities.

You don’t need to have much knowledge about setting up network shares or permissions. Initial auto configuration will do everything for you.

Big icons will give you better experience with touch panel devices (like Nokia N97 or Nokia 5800 XM).

3 auto connect options will help you make your phone accessible from your computer right when you need it.

SymNAS 1.00 utilizes industry standard network protocols to provide file server functionality, so you do not need to install anything on your computer. You will need Telexy Network Commander to access your phone files from another Symbian S60 device.

Note: this software is also available as part of Telexy Network Commander.