Telexy Network Commander is the most powerful networking tool for your Symbian S60 based devices. It contains all Telexy products integrated with Telexy Network Browser to a one easy to install and easy use application.

NOW with SymVPN 2.00 INCLUDED!

  • configure PPTP VPN Access points (SymVPN);
  • share drives and folders (SymNAS);
  • perform automatic local/network file synchronization (SymSync);
  • play MP3 content directly from network locations (SymPlayer);
  • control network servers/workstations via RDP (SymRDP);
  • browse network, map network shared folders to a local drive letters, manage local/network files and folders, open files (like pictures or office files) directly from network locations, etc…
  • do it easily on touch panel devices (like Nokia N97);
  • do it all securely and wirelessly;

Network File Browser:

  • browse local and network folders;
  • copy/move files between phone and computer wirelessly;
  • map network locations as a local drives to easy access;
  • open/edit files directly from network locations;
  • reboot/shutdown your computer directly from your phone;


PPTP VPN client for S60 3rd and 5th editions – secure your networking.

Network-Attached Storage

Symbian S60 device as a wireless Network-Attached Storage. Plug it in into any corporate, home or friend’s network to access phone’s files from a comfort of your computer.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop client (available for S60 5th edition devices only!)

files synchronization

Automatic local/network files synchronization. Do it on schedule, do it wirelessly.

MP3 player

MP3 player, streaming files directly from a network.